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Self Study Report and Standard

The COMTA Self-Study Report (SSR) is to be completed and submitted in the online Accreditation Management System (AMS), EDvera (https://comta.edvera.com), available after the approval of the application form.

You will not be submitting the form below; it is only provided as a working document. To assist in timely completion and to ensure all schools have back-up copies of their information, please write SSR narratives in a Word document and save on school computers/network server first. You may use this document below to do so.

These narratives can then be copied/pasted into EDvera for submission. All required exhibits (identified as “UPLOAD” below) should also be collected and saved in folders on school computers/servers prior to being uploaded into the EDvera system.


To download the COMTA Self Study Report and Standards handout, click here.