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Handout: Catalog Checklist

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NOTE: This document is now only required for Institutionally Accredited schools.

Prior to selecting a school or program, potential students are entitled to detailed information about the educational experience being offered.

The catalog of a COMTA accredited institution, whether printed or in electronic format will present an accurate description of the field(s) of massage therapy and/or esthetics and the education offered. The school catalog must be provided to students prior to the signing of an enrollment agreement. The school catalog must include the items listed below. If the current catalog does not include all items, those excluded must be attached as catalog supplements. Programs in larger institutions may not be able to publish all the required information in the catalog of the institution. Student Handbooks and other program-specific publications may be used to make sure prospective students have all the required information.


To view and download the complete COMTA Catalog Checklist handout, click here.