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Policies and Procedures Manual

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The term accreditation implies a generally accepted process by which a school or program is evaluated. Schools with accreditation may, therefore, be said to have achieved a minimum level of excellence, based on an accepted set of standards.

The benefit of accreditation to a profession lies in the fact the public to whom the profession is rendering a service is assured of a certain standard of quality from the graduates of accredited schools. Such assurance raises the profession in the eyes of the public and increases the public’s confidence.

COMTA aspires to the highest level of integrity in the process of program and institutional accreditation. Programs and institutions seeking accreditation will demonstrate honesty and integrity and agree to comply with all COMTA standards, decisions, policies, and procedures both during the accreditation process and throughout the term of accreditation.

Applicants may choose from one of two types of accreditation that COMTA has the authority to offer.


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