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By helping teens think differently about themselves and their destiny, A-NEW inspires teens to tackle the hard work of transforming dreams into reality.

The program helps teens:
• Discover their personal strengths.
• Aspire to success instead of settling for mediocrity.
• Learn the skills vital to achieving their goals—now and over a lifetime.

More than just a one-time event, A-NEW develops in students a pattern of lifetime learning and enterprise, of strong identity and purpose. The program enables students to set stimulating goals and create a vision for their lives, helping them understand who they are and unlock individually-tailored options and skills.

On an administrative level, A-NEW is easy to manage, either at or at home, and is designed to complement and enhance existing curriculum. Ongoing content and technological support makes implementation an opportunity, not a burden. In a cloud-based platform, its flexibility allows for an implementation plan custom-tailored to your school’s resources and desired outcomes.

A-NEW is comprised of approximately 6 self-initiated online activities. The self-initiated online activities take approximately 20 – 30 minutes to complete per module and can take place in or out of the classroom.

Designed to complement and enhance existing curriculum, A-NEW is relevant to a wide range of disciplines. The initial courses can have a longitudinal tracking component that can be linked to leadership, career, sociology, psychology, communications, computer science, career, and health courses. Participants will discover the current relevance of other disciplines they are studying.