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Welcome to the COMTA Accreditation Training 101.  This course covers an introduction to the COMTA accreditation process and Accreditation Standards I – X, applicable for both Programmatic and Institutional applicants.

The Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA) welcomes you to an exploration of the accreditation process.  Whether you are just exploring if COMTA is right for your school or program, or you are already one of our valuable members in renewal, this course will provide important information.

In January 2015, the Commission enacted revised Accreditation Standards, so even if you have been with COMTA for decades, this course is essential to help you remain in compliance with the new standards.

This is the first of two courses designed to replace the former in-person accreditation workshops, so that you may complete it at your convenience and pace.  It has detailed descriptions of the new accreditation standards and tips for compliance, as well important forms.  Each module also contains a short 5-question quiz to confirm the knowledge that you have gained.  When you complete all of them, you will receive a certificate of completion required for application.

Programmatic applicants are only required to complete this course prior to application/SSR submission.  Institutional applicants must also take Training Course 102 which covers additional accreditation standards applicable only to institutions, Standards XI – XV.

Eligibility information for each category and accreditation forms are available on the COMTA website at  You may also contact the COMTA office at any time for questions or assistance at 202-888-6790 or

Welcome!  If you have any questions or technical questions during the course, contact our office.


  • You must complete a course section to unlock the next section
  • You have unlimited attempts at the assessments
  • A 70% or higher is required on each assessment
  • You must complete the Course Completion Confirmation to receive your certificate.